About Us

Authentic | Sustainable | Affordable

New Found Luxe is where the three meet.

We specialize in Pre-loved and Re-loved luxuries, giving them a second life. Our aim is to keep the luxurious look and feel of high end accessories but at an affordable price, and with authenticity and sustainability always in mind.

What is Pre-loved?

The Pre-Loved line consists of gently worn authentic designer pieces, intact in their original form. We may clean and polish hardware, condition leather and clean other materials as needed but no alterations are made to the original product.

What is Re-Loved?

The Re-Loved line consists of repurposed authentic designer pieces. Each piece is hand crafted using carefully selected items, sourced from all over the world. Re-Loved gives new life to vintage and well-loved pieces by turning them into one-of-a-kind accessories.